About Astrid Lewis

I grew up in Montreal influenced by creative people who worked with their hands to make the beautiful things of everyday life. My mother was a teacher and homemaker who believed everything that could be made from scratch should be made from scratch. My father, a surgeon, taught me to draw and took me on artistic adventures all over the city. My grandmother and great aunts were seamstresses in the NY garment district. Their creations filled my life: I wore their dresses, slept under their quilts, ate raucous family meals on their crocheted tablecloths. In those early days, I learned that to make is to live fully and that strong, sophisticated design can be an integral part of the handmade life. Today, I treasure these heirlooms and the memories that are wrapped up in them.

I left behind chilly Canadian winters to pursue a career in design and marketing in New York. I spent many rewarding years as design director for Grammy Award winning family musician Dan Zanes, where we wove the spirit of handmade through his visual world as much as Dan infuses into his inimitable sound. Now, I continue to use my handmade touch to create unique textiles for the home. My work combines traditional techniques — piecing, machine knitting, hand-painting and dyeing — toward a personal and modern expression. I strive to make artful, useful pieces crafted to last — lifelong treasures for you to enjoy in everyday living.